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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christina's Send-Off Party....

Frannie, Me, Jeanette, and Bernadette

Me and Bernadette
Cameron and Me

Bernadette getting frisky with Jeanette
And Me....Bernadette... we've had this discussion I like boys! :)
Jesse and Cam

Frannie and Cam (awww how cute are their kids gonna be)

Thanks Everyone for making my party one to remember. (sorry Len and Ashley broke out the camera after you left.) I really did have the Time of My Life here in Utah and am sad to see it end. I know I've made friends here that will last me a lifetime. Keep in touch! See you all soon.

Pictures... VEGAS!!

They even have Tiffany's... no need to leave!
glass ceiling in the lobby of the Belagio
$75 porterhouse dinner... with lobster risotto.... worth every penny and calorie!

                                                     A restaurant after my own heart

The mountains of Arizona....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The End is Here....

So as previously stated I will be on my way home. I had to have my car fixed again but am slated to leave for home Thursday morning. Tomorrow night I'm making dinner for everyone who's made my stay extra special... especially Jeanette :)

Jeanette and I were able to go to Vegas.... OMG it was amazing and 2 days is not nearly enough. We stayed at the Bellagio... that's right we rock! We ate at amazing restaurants including Serendipity (to die for mac & cheese with pancetta! about 4,000 calories per delicious forkful.) and Olives (an all inclusive reservations needed Italian place in the Bellagio... can we say $75 dinner anyone?). And the shopping... awesome shopping. I need therapy for all this shopping!! But its Vegas and it was either that or gamble... which I did and lost then won then lost then quit! Oh the pools... the Bellagio has 5 count them 5 pools! and a spa and a jacuzzi and it was heaven. Evey thing there was out of this world and as it should be its Vegas! Am definitely bringing Dad there sometime soon! BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! (called him earlier he still doesn't have internet)

So at least we had a bang to end my trip on. I'm going to take more than 30 hours to drive home... no more driving straight through especially alone. I plan to be home sometime this weekend.

Thanks to all of you who have kept up. Will definitely get in touch when I'm back on the road.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Change of Plans.....

So this was suppose to be the trip of a lifetime but life happens and we need to rearrange things. I am still planning on doing this trip but due to unexpected circumstances I have to head home early.

I gave myself 3 options for this situation.
1. to cancel everything and drive straight home.
2. to leave all my crap including my car and fly home for the time being then fly back here and continue my trip. (not knowing the length I will have to be home this didn't sound logical but thank you Jeanette for offering to store my stuff)
3. Re-plan the trip for a quicker ride home then when things settled down, start over again with the original plan.

I opted for option 3.

So here's the "New Plan."  If all goes well I will pick up this trip sometime in October and will resume this blog.

In the mean time:

This week Jeanette and I are heading to Las Vegas. We'll leave Wednesday and return to Salt Lake City on Friday. I will start for home sometime this weekend. Not sure of the route yet but it shouldn't take me more than a week. I plan on seeing the middle of the country, a more direct route home, and be home the weekend of September 11.

I want to thank you all so much for keeping up with my blog. You've all given some great advice and I really appreciate the cheerleading you've done.

I do have lots more pics and stuff to post and will hopefully have them up this week.


Friday, August 13, 2010

The VERY VERY Tentative Plan for My Way Home

Ok... this is as stated the extremely tentative plan for the road trip home. Please feel free to comment! No dates are known at this time but plan on 3-5 days in each city... see you all sometime 2011 :) just kidding...maybe.

Seattle WA
Portland OR
Sacramento CA (Hi to Uncle Billy & Aunt Sandy etc)
San Francisco
then via the 101 interstate
Los Angeles
then via route 66 (lifetime dream... perfect timing!)
Phoenix AR
Santa Fe NM
Dallas Tx
off route 66
New Orleans La
Mobile Al

Memphis Tn (and to see Jim, Dawn and Paul)

Savannah Georgia
Charleston SC
Charlotte NC

Virginia ??

Eastern PA

where to sleep for who knows how long.

So what do you all think? Did I miss anything huge? I really did want to see Chicago and some other northern states but I am only 30 with plenty of time.

Love you,